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Boonbrain Entertainment, based in Toronto, is a boutique english language film production studio, setting up it's first north american 3 film projects slate - of budgets 2-15 million, for 2015-16. 

With twice the ROI advantage strategies in place, these films are scripted, designed and structured to be produced, filmed and distributed in a never before combination of two parallel box office markets simultaneously. 

BoonBrain Motion Pictures, since 1999, has successfully executed more than 150 profitable media and entertainment projects across three countries - India, United Kingdom  and Canada. 

All projects were successfully executed within the given budgets and completed within the scheduled timelines. 

Yes, we keep our producers, investors and partners super happy !

Boonbrain Communication, the parent company has 200 print, digital and film media projects to it's credit, including 100 plus  television commercials, 22 music videos and shorts, 16 documentaries, 3 feature films - written , directed or produced by our team.

Above all we pride ourselves the most in being part of several social development projects, that were sucessfully written, directed and produced for clients like - Save the Children UK/India, Amway, Disney/USL/UTV, Crest Communication, Discovery Channel, British Council, World Vision Canada and Dan Church Aid, Denmark.

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