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BoonBrain Motion Pictures, was established in Mumbai and Delhi (India) since 1999, by scriptwriter and director Rajesh Bajaj, who has successfully scripted/directed 3 feature films, including award winning film Chillar Party(UTV), bollywood kids comedy Hari Puttar and rom-com drama Kismet Coin.

He has spent last two years developing 7 new scripts, including rom-coms, action adventures, buddy films, road trip movies, thrillers and an animated war film based on true events of British Raj era, are in development, besides a huge bank of treatments and outlines.

His story '15 cents to 15 million dollars' was chosen among thousands and profiled last year at the Americal Film Market, Santa Monica.

Before venturing into the feature film world he has also scripted and directed more than 100 television commercials,music videos, short films documentaries. 

Boonbrain Entertainment, the overseas arm of the BoonBrain Motion Pictures , is an indie film production company set up in Toronto,for it's english language film projects slate for 2015-2017, developing 3 feature films of budgets $2-15 million.

With twice the ROI advantage strategies in place, these transmedia projects are specifiacally scripted, designed and structured to be produced, filmed and distributed simultaneously in the two biggest yet parallel box office markets of the world.

Boonbrain Communication, the parent company has over 50 print advertising, digital and web media projects to it's credit.

Above all we pride ourselves the most in being part of several social development projects, that were sucessfully written, directed and produced for clients like - Save the Children UK/India, Amway, Disney/USL/UTV, Crest Communication, Discovery Channel, British Council, World Vision Canada and Dan Church Aid, Denmark.

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